The Innovation of Loneliness?


This video speaks to one of the drives that I have been witnessing in the classrooms at The Creator’s Code.  If this resonates with you and you want support in creating REAL CONNECTIONS in real time.  Check out our complimentary Creation Acceleration Coaching Sessions.

The Innovation of Loneliness from Shimi Cohen on Vimeo.

Is It Possible Our Society is Addicted to Wealth?

pillar03postcardGiven that the Creator’s Code is focusing on Pillar 3 “I Support Sustainability” I was totally fascinated when attending the latest meeting of The Association of Transformational Leaders SoCal, a young man named Sam Polk began to speak.

Sam is an unassuming man with an astounding story.  Humble beginnings, family drama and a POWERFUL desire as a young man to buy his happiness.  We all know how that turns out, but few of us have the courage (or opportunity) to literally walk away from millions!

Take 5 minutes to read his op-ed  article in the NY Times.  It is a powerful message of what drives us to attempt to live in unsustainable ways and Sam is a exemplary role model of what we can do about it!

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Tele Summits are DEAD!

imagesIf you have been following me or have been a client of mine in the online business building domain you know that I have been a proponent of tele summits since choosing to run my first summit last summer. Check it out here.
That was so cool that I recently co produced another summit with my friend Ronnie Tsunami “The Success Tsunami Summit” which was frankly a kick ass event!
That said, we all know that in the world of online marketing EVERYTHING changes and FAST!
So here is a secret, in the conversations in industry retreats, high end mastermind groups and paid access discussion groups experts are questioning should we still do tele summits? what has happened to conversions? Is it really worth it?  Here is the amazing thing these conversations are between people who have built million dollar businesses using tele summits as a key part of their strategies!
So what is happening?
  1. There is an explosion of tele summits, as you are reading this I will wager that there are no less than 100 – 300 tele summits that you could be listening to RIGHT NOW!
  2. Many tele summit hosts are not keeping up with the trends of what creates options and engagement (Hint: less is more!)
  3. Many of the new “guests/experts” are fantastic SME’s (subject matter experts) BUT they have not been trained in online conversion, they have not adopted the tools and resources that are necessary to test, track and convert attendees into clients.
All of this combined has shifted tele summits (for both hosts and guests) from easy picking low hanging fruit into  a competitive, complex and competitive process.
So yes, the low hanging fruit, the super easy list building and cash creation is dead…sorry to say it but it is true.
This brings us to the big question, is it still a reasonable tool to build your list, create some cash and credibility in your niche??
Well that depends.
Are you willing to do the work?  To invest time, energy and money to refine and create the unique  differences, the automated processes and strategies for successful summit?
If yes then here are the top 5 refinements that are REQUIRED for your summit to have a serious shot at success.
Top 5 Strategies for A Successful Summit
  1. A well defined and UNIQUE niche with a DEFINED NEED!
    1. Who are your guests? What is their problem or issue that they NEED solved and they are willing to invest to do so. Time energy and money!
  2. Guests who deliver!
    1. opt ins (thru physical opt ins OR credibility)
    2. fantastic content/interview
    3. Depending on your structure has a fantastic value proposition for listeners to act upon, product, service or experience to sell (they convert on the call!)
    4. Great online transparent systems and consistent payments
    5. Listen to EVERY GUESTS previous interviews BEFORE booking them
    6. Test their opt in pages, their sales pages and affiliate link 10 – 14 days prior to their interview
    7. Ensure their back end offer is in alignment with your niche and need
  3. Engagement before, during and after the summit
    1.  think preview calls,
    2. Facebook page,
    3. free tid bits
    4. feature promotions of the individual speakers pre and post summit
  4. Compelling and powerful upgrade packages and sales tools
    1. How are the upgrade packages structured
    2. How do they solve the problem of your attendees
    3. What are the price points? (a few premium sales can make the entire process immediately profitable!)
  5. Powerful questions, great rapport and a present host/interviewer who has done their homework
    1. Does the interviewer really get and understand the value that the guest brings? Do they give their personal experience and endorsement to the offer?
These 5 strategies will help to ensure that your summit knocks it out of the park, but there are literally another 100 details that MUST be in place for you to do well with your summit, but let me assure you of a couple of things.
You can add hundreds even thousands of people to your list in 60 – 90 days!
You can make immediate cash and fill your funnel for future conversions and Joint ventures!
You can use a summit to launch an offer of your choosing!
If you are ready to design and build your summit and take it to market in the next 2 – 6 months I want to invite you my “Summit Success Strategies” happening in just 2 weeks.
You will actually design and build your summit REAL TIME in to intense and dedicated days.  March 15th and 16th, you can attend live in Calgary or remotely online.
What will you learn:
  • The top 10 strategies for successful Telesummits NOW!
  • The best tools and resources to use to reach the MOST people possible
  • How to filter and select only the BEST guests!
  • How to set up offers so that they are seamlessly integrated into your interviews
  • A ninja trick to access and target your guests Facebook fans and their friends
What will you complete?
  • Your overall STRATEGY and vision for your summit
  • Your opt in page for the summit
  • Your upgrade offers
  • Your emails/contacts to your ideal speakers
  • Your summit curriculum design
  • Your JV offer page (you can have JV partners other than your speakers)
What will it cost?
What will it save?
In terms of hard dollars and cents this weekend will save you $2000 – $10,000 in fees for landing pages design and creation, Facebook add creation and consultation, conversion consulting and testing,
What will it CREATE?
Clearly this is up to you and your execution of what we asset you to build on the weekend.  One of ways to value the weekend is in your list building.  In the online marketing world a list of 10,000 is said to be worth $1,000,000 in sales if treated well and targeted properly.  So if you added 1000 people to you list it SHOULD be worth $100,000 over the next 12 months. That will be up to you.
What I can guarantee is that these 2 days will be the most comprehensive combination of strategy, design and execution of a summit that is available ANYWHERE!
You know you should be doing this, you know that strategic support is VITAL so you do not do all the work and miss the reward.
Register now, your homework and prep package will be sent to you within 48 hours.
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